Estuarine processes, hydrodynamics, remote sensing, tidal analysis

Christopher Mooers

Research Professor / Professor Emeritus


Ph.D. Physical Oceanography, Oregon State University, OR, USA, 1969
M.S. Physics, University of Connecticut, CT, USA, 1964
B.S. Naval Science, U.S. Naval Academy, USA, 1957


Dr. Mooers’ research interests include ocean prediction science, coastal ocean circulation dynamics, circulation of marginal and semi-enclosed seas, and mesoscale oceanography; regional circulation models; interface between models and observations: model-data comparisons, data assimilation, and nowcast-forecast experiments; shelfbreak processes. During the 1970s, he participated in the Coastal Upwelling Ecosystem Analysis (CUEA) Program; during the 1980s, he was a co-leader of the Ocean Prediction Through Observations, Modeling, and Analysis (OPTOMA) Program; during the 1990s, he initiated the Coastal Ocean Prediction Systems (COPS) Program; and during the 2000s, he is one of the founders of the Southeast Atlantic-Coastal Ocean Observing System (SEA-COOS) Program.


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Zaron, E D; Fitzpatrick, P J; Cross, S L; Harding, J M; Bub, F L; Wiggert, J D; Ko, D S; Woodard, K; Mooers, C N K

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In: Frontiers of Earth Science, accepted , 2015.

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Mooers, C N K

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In: Journal of Marine Systems, 77 (3), pp. 261-277, 2009.

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Mooers, C N K; Wu, X; Bang, I

Performance of a nowcast/forecast system for Prince William Sound, Alaska Journal Article

In: Continental Shelf Research, 21 (1), pp. 42-60, 2009.

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Mendoza, W G; Zika, R G; Corredor, J E; Morrel, J; Ko, D S; Mooers, C N K

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In: Journal of Operational Oceanography, 2 (1), pp. 35-47, 2009.

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Seim, H E; Nelson, J; Fletcher, M; Mooers, C N K; Spence, L; Weisberg, R H; Werner, F; Smith, S M; Lea, R

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In: Marine Technology Society Journal, 42 (3), pp. 17-27, 2008.

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Leichter, J; Haus, B K; Melo, N; Mooers, C N K

Physical processes impacting passive particle dispersal in the Upper Florida Keys Journal Article

In: Continental Shelf Research, 28 (10-11), pp. 1261-1272, 2008.

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Fiechter, J; Mooers, C N K

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In: Journal of Geophysical Research, 112 (C12), 2007.

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Criales, M M; Browder, J A; Mooers, C N K; Robblee, M B; Cardenas, H; Jackson, T L

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In: Marine Ecology Progress Series, 345 , pp. 167-184, 2007.

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Regional Coastal IOOS Development in the Southeastern United States: Emerging Capabilities to Address Coastal Natural Hazards Journal Article

In: Marine Technology Society Journal, 40 (4), pp. 110-117, 2006.


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