Estuarine processes, hydrodynamics, remote sensing, tidal analysis

Dr. Talke Receives NSF CAREER Award

Published On: 2015-06-26 1:24 PM

In February, Stefan was awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award! The grant provides approximately $500k over five years to model long-term changes in temperature and salinity of the Columbia River as part of his “Modeling 19th-century Estuaries to Address 21st –century Problems” project.

“Part of conquering the West was being able to understand a completely new environment, so there was a concerted effort by the US Government and volunteer observers to measure tides, river flow, water depths, and water temperature as early as the 1840s. We can use this data today to reconstruct a spatial view of a pristine system absent of human modification.”

The grant will also allow Stefan to work closely with high school science teachers so that they can develop locally relevant, next-generation science curricula and inspire students to pursue STEM fields of research.

Check out the full MCECS research profile here or the full NSF award info including the abstract here.

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